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Dollar To Naira In Black Market

$1 Dollar To Naira In Black Market Today - Current Exchange Rate 2022

$1 Dollar To Naira In Black Market Today - This page will let you know the current dollar to naira exchange rate today at Breau De Change (black market) according to Lagos and Kano exchangers. We are going to bring accurate info about how dollar performed according to the current date, Please read this article till the end

The war between the Nigerian Naira and the United States Dollar is really something that many people are seeking to know who would win this fight, many experts that know about money are guessing that $1 dollar to naira in black market can reach N1000 before 2023

The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) is doing its best to bring down the dollar against the naira for the country's better economy, even last month (July) CBN sent EFCC to raid Breau De Change in Abuja after the government blamed black market exchangers for Naira falling

$1 Dollar To Naira In Black Market Today 29th August 2022

Dollar to Naira (USD to Naira) Black Market Exchange Rate Today

Buying Rate - 680

Selling Rate - 710

This exchange rate report is according to the parallel market in Lagos and Kano, it may be different in some Nigerian cities/places as many dollars exchangers have their own prices defending the market they are running their business

How Much Is 1 Dollar To Naira In Black Market?

The current 1 dollar to the naira exchange rate in the black market today 29th August 2022 is N680 for buying, and N710 for selling in the Breau De Change (black market), but this exchange rate can change anytime, so visit this page anytime you want to know the real rate

Many Nigerian people are blaming the Government for the Naira falling every day, and many businesses are affected by this issue as everyday inflation is taking over the economy which cannot be controlled obviously